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Passenger lift removal is a specialist skill carried out by trained and experience professionals in the United Kingdom. Removing a redundant or faulty passenger lift can be a costly and time consuming task best left to the professionals trained and experienced in the job. Finding a lift service provider locally with the necessary skills and experience to successfully remove a passenger lift takes both time and research. Fortunately, some of the same firms that install passenger lifts around the country also provide removal services, so asking the company that helped you install a faulty or redundant passenger lift can often be a good course of action. If they do not have a removal department, they may work closely with another company that does, and as they have recommended them, you can be sure that they will generally be a good company as well. When looking for a removal firm you should always worry about reliability before price, as this is a job that if it goes wrong can take up a lot more time and money then you first expected.

What is Passenger Lift Removal?

Passenger lift removal is a service provided by various firms throughout the United Kingdom. These companies extract passenger lifts from buildings, which as you can imagine is no easy task. This is a highly technical service that requires technicians to have vast amounts of qualifications and experience. These specialists have been removing redundant and faulty passenger lifts for customers around the UK for years and are always available to talk about the lift removal services. One great way of finding a fine company is to check to see how long they have been in business for; if they have been an upstanding company for decades then you can almost guarantee reliability.

How Does the Process of Passenger Lift Removal Work?

The companies providing this service in the United Kingdom will each have their own way of dealing with a removal. They will all certainly want to send out a surveyor to the location of the passenger lift in question, in order to conduct a professional assessment of the job. This assessment will also help determine the best plan of action for the passenger lift removal you have planned and decide on the type of new passenger lift you will need to replace the old one. Any company would be more than happy to give you a step by step guide and dates upon the survey of the property.


Passenger lift removal is an essential service in the United Kingdom in order to ensure older passenger lifts are taken out-of-service before safety, and reliability becomes an issue. This service is also necessary in situations where the current passenger transport capacity of an existing passenger lift exceeds the volume of passengers using the lift daily. In this case, the removal of the redundant passenger lift improves the efficiency of the transport system in use and saves on operating costs in the case of less efficient lifts.

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