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Passenger Lift Dimensions

When looking for a passenger lift solution for your property you may think that a limiting factor is size; the size you have available for installation, the number of passengers it can carry and so on. However, passenger lifts are available to fit almost any building with only minor or in some case no modifications, and often elevators are actually designed and built from scratch to meet a customer's needs.

Minimum Size Constraints

Since elevators are often designed and built from the ground up, there are really no set sizes for lift cars and the housing shafts that contain them. However, depending largely on the intended use of the lift there are certain minimum size guidelines to make sure the lift is at least large enough to meet the needs of passengers. For example, many lifts must comply with the DDA regulations for disabled access and therefore must accommodate a wheelchair user with an additional person. With this in mind, it is recommended that a lift car be no smaller than 1100mm x 1400mm. Even this does not allow for the wheelchair to manoeuvre inside the lift car so if the lift really cannot be bigger, a mirror should be provided to enable the wheelchair user to easily see what level the lift is currently on.

Larger lift sizes of around 2000mm x 1400mm are more preferable and allow most types of wheelchair and several standing passengers to ride in the car at one time. The larger the lift though and the longer the journey (the taller the building) other concerns arise such as fitting fold-away seating or perch seats for passenger comfort.

Generally speaking, the lift doors should be at least 800-900mm wide to allow passengers easy access, and an area of 900mm square should be allowed for clearance on each level outside the lift doors.

Common Passenger Lift Dimensions

To cut costs and to avoid re-inventing the wheel each time a new lift is purchased and installed, many lift companies in the UK offer some pre-designed passenger lifts to choose from and these do come in somewhat fixed sizes. The Stannah range of vertical platform passenger lifts, for example, starts with the Maxilift designed for 6-16 people. The smallest size is 1000mm x 1250mm and can support a load of up to 450kg. The largest Maxilift is 2000mm x 1400mm and can take up to 1200kg in weight. The Stannah Xtralift range is for more demanding applications and is designed to cope with 17-33 people. The sizes range from 1950mm x 1400mm to a relatively huge 1800mm x 2700mm.

Choosing the Correct Size

It should go without saying that the needs of the intended lift passengers should always come first. Working with a lift consultant should enable you to determine the average number of passengers the lift will need to transport and what speed it should travel at and this will help a great deal in choosing the correct size passenger lift for your property. However, simply guessing and allowing a little extra for passenger comfort can often do the job just fine without the extra expense of a consultation unless of course your chosen lift installation company offers a consultation for free, in which case take it!

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