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Lift Installation

Regardless of the type of lift, correct installation of the lift and any associated machinery is absolutely vital to ensure that the lift is safe and operational for as long as it can be. Lift installation can be a challenging and demanding task so hiring the right company for the job is extremely important to make sure the task is done right first time.

Mobility Lifts

There are a wide range of lifts available that can improve accessibility to vehicles and buildings for those with physical disabilities. When looking for a mobility lift installation company, the first thing to check for is compliance with DDA regulations. This can help to prevent the costly eventuality of having to modify or even completely replace equipment later on to make it comply with regulation.

Tail Lifts

Mobility tail lifts provide an easy way to add wheelchair support to an existing vehicle and are usually relatively cheap and straight-forward to install. There are several companies throughout the UK that specialise in tail lifts, both for mobility and commercial needs and these should probably be checked first.

Stair (Chair) Lifts

For elderly and disabled persons, a stair lift can be a great way to allow access to multiple floors without the expense of installing a full residential lift solution. This can remove the need to move home for example when it is no longer possible for someone to climb the stairs. The worldwide leader in stairlifts is Stannah, a British family-owned company with a long and impressive track record.

There are a number of additional types of mobility lifts including fold-away wheelchair lifts and platform lifts. Any of these lift types can not only improve the quality of life for those with impaired movement, but can add significant value onto a property and provide a level of safety beyond regular stairs.

Residential & Commercial Elevators

The options for elevators have grown substantially in the last few years, and there are a number of different types available to suit most needs. Whether it's for the home, a residential home or apartment complex or for a high-end commercial building, there is sure to be an elevator solution to fit.

Traction Elevators

The traditional traction elevator uses cabling over a pulley system to provide lift. Although traction elevators used to rely on an external machine room to operate, they are now available with machine-room-less design.

Hydraulic Elevators

The hydraulic elevator uses typical hydraulic systems to pressurise a cylinder that either pushes or pulls the elevator through the shaft. The hydraulic equipment can be installed above or below the shaft and is usually much quieter than the traction equivalent.

In modern elevator installation scenarios, the work may be carried out by more than one company. It is not uncommon for one company to deal with the design and installation of the actual lift equipment while another builds the lift shaft. This should be kept in mind when searching for a lift installation company, as sometimes the price they quote may not be for the entire job.

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