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When it comes to moving heavy goods or merchandise between floors, there are few alternatives that offer the ease of use and versatility of a goods lift. From dumb waiters and platform lifts to service lifts and heavy duty freight elevators, there is bound to be a solution to your lifting needs whatever they happen to be. In the UK, companies such as Stannah apply a wealth of experience and skill to their lift installations and can handle almost any job.

Types and Uses of Goods Lifts

Depending on the specific tasks you have in mind, there may be a number of options to choose from. The largest type is most commonly used for lifting extremely heavy loads such as storage pallets or trolleys in the region 1000-3000kg between floors. This type of lift is usually designed to move only small distances with the upper limit usually falling around 18 meters. This basically means one or two floors at the most. For moving extremely large loads between multiple floors a freight elevator may be more appropriate.

The next class down deals with moderate loads of around 200-500kg and is often used to move beer barrels in pubs, clubs and hotels. This type is also commonly found in retail where it may be used to carry particularly heavy boxes from the warehouse area to the shop floor. These type of goods lifts are able to traverse larger distances than the heavier duty lifts, making them especially suitable for larger department stores with multiple floors.

Finally there is the dumb waiter. A type of goods lift used almost exclusively in the food service industry to send food up and down, the dumb waiter is usually designed to be easy to clean, quiet to operate and small enough to be unobtrusive in whatever environment it is used in.

Stannah Goods Lifts

Stannah offer a wide variety of elevators. Their micro-sized food service lifts or dumb waiters are designed to handle loads of 50-100kg and are perfect for a food service environment. Stannah's trolley lifts can support loads of 250-300kg and are popular in bars and hotels where they are used to move beer kegs between floors or in retail where large deliveries can be distributed on to the shop floor much easier. Finally, their heavy duty goods lifts such as the Goodsmaster can handle loads of up to three metric tons and are often used in large retail stores and warehouses for moving large trolleys and pallets. The Goodsmaster Plus range can even carry two attendants to speed things up even more.

Other Options

Of course, Stannah are not the only lift manufacturer in the UK to offer goods and service lifts. Companies such as Innovate Lifts also offer robust lift installations and are often much more economical, making them more suitable for those with a smaller budget. They can install a complete lift solution within 6-9 weeks from order, and their goods lifts can support loads of 500-2000kg. There are lots of other lift manufacturers around that can provide goods lifts and many even specialise in this area, so it pays to shop around and make sure of the best deal before you order.

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