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Lift Modernisation

When a lift installation gets past a certain age, the cost of maintaining it simply becomes too high. Add to this the unreliability factor of old lift equipment and you have a real need for new equipment. However, there is a much more cost-effective alternative to complete replacement: lift modernisation.

Lift Modernisation for Aesthetics

When most people think of modernisation, they think aesthetics. Old equipment can begin to look extremely dated and unappealing to the eye and modernisation can help to bring it up to date. From changing the hand rails, flooring or wall finishes to reworking the look of an entire lift car, lift modernisation can transform an ageing elevator into a modern work of art.

Lift Modernisation for Reliability

As mentioned briefly above, antiquated lift equipment can be a real headache to look after and may cost a small fortune in maintenance costs even just to keep it running at a less than ideal reliability level. Quite often, the lift doors are the first part to go followed by old relay based electrical control systems. Replacing just these common problem parts with more modern counterparts should return the lift to a reliable service level for quite some time.

Lift Modernisation Due to Change in Use

Occasionally the use of a building will be changed, sometimes quite dramatically, in a way that affects how the existing elevator systems are used. Quite often, the new vertical mobility demands are higher than the old equipment can handle, and so they must be modernised and improved in order to cope with the new job. In addition many people's expectations of elevator waiting times and transit times have changed dramatically and lifts may need to be modernised to avoid passenger frustration.

Lift Modernisation to Cut Energy Costs

As energy costs escalate greatly on a daily basis and the world grows ever more concerned about "green" issues, one great way to improve your elevator equipment is to modernise it with more energy efficient parts. Replacing the drive and control systems of an old elevator can literally save anywhere in the region 20 40% on the energy running cost.

Lift Modernisation for Safety

Over the years, the standards and regulations for the design, installation and operation of elevator equipment have changed and evolved. It may well be that the current lift installation in your building failed (or will fail) a safety inspection and you are concerned for the well being of those who use it. Lift modernisation is a great way to bring your elevators up to code and make them safe again for prolonged use.

Don't Replace, Modernise

As you have no doubt seen, lift modernisation can solve many of the same problems often tackled by complete replacement and it usually works out much, much cheaper. Before you embark on the path to an entirely new lift design and installation project, carefully consider whether or not lift modernisation can meet your needs and save you money in the process.

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