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Scissor Lift Hire

For certain jobs a scissor lift can be an invaluable tool without which things can take much longer, be much harder, or in the worst case simply be impossible to complete. However, rather than buying expensive scissor lift equipment just for occasional use or a one-time job, why not hire one instead?

Scissor Lift Manufacturers

Although there are many scissor lift manufacturers, JLG is by far the largest and the most common. JLG are one of the world's largest manufacturers of access equipment and lifts and their range of scissor lifts cover most types of job with ease. Therefore, when looking to hire a scissor lift a good sign that you are getting a quality hire is to look for some sort of JLG branding on the equipment. However, lack of branding is by no means a solid reason to avoid a hire company. Especially for the larger hire companies, they may simply have their own branding on the equipment. This can be for a number of reasons, but for example Saxon Lifts UK offer a range of custom built scissor lift solutions and many hire companies will actually have their own lifts built to serve their purposes.

Types of Scissor Lift Available

There are many different types of scissor lift available and it pays to make sure you get the right kind for the job. The basic compact scissor lift is usually sufficient for most jobs in small spaces and on level ground. For extra tight spots there are narrow-aisle scissor lifts specifically designed for those hard to reach places. For larger loads but still on level ground and where space isn't an issue, the standard slab scissor lift should do the trick.

For deployment on uneven ground, there are many stabilising scissor lifts available and even all terrain vehicle type scissor lifts. For those extra hard to reach spots, a track driven boom lift may be a more appropriate type of scissor lift.

Scissor Lift Hire Companies

There are a large number of companies throughout the UK that offer scissor lift hire services and costs can range anywhere from 200-400 for a day's rental. Obviously this is a much cheaper option than buying, and also frees you from the worries of equipment maintenance and repair. Hiring for a weekend or on a weekly basis will lower the daily cost and many scissor lift hire companies offer rates as low as 350 per week. Wherever you are in the UK, there should be more than one or two hire depots offering scissor lifts for rental, so make sure you check them out and shop around for the best price. Checking online review websites and price comparison sites in addition to calling around or visiting the hire company websites will usually give a good indication which company is the best match for your needs.

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