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Freight lifts or goods lifts as they are otherwise known, are basically elevators designed to carry goods rather than people. Operating in a fixed location lift shaft, a freight elevator can really speed up a company's internal goods movement and distribution, often being used to move large trolleys and pallets from a warehouse level to a shop floor for example.

Due to the fact that they are not designed for passenger comfort and rarely carry any people at all, freight lifts are usually far less aesthetically pleasing than their passenger carrying counterparts. However, they are usually designed to be more robust and often to carry much heavier loads.

A Solution to a Problem

It should be kept in mind that freight lifts are used to solve a very specific problem: moving heavy goods vertically between floors. If you need something more from a lift solution you may find that you need an alternative solution or additional equipment. For example, if you transport heavy goods a lot on a single level, you may need pallet trolleys. To lift goods on and off of shelving units a forklift truck or scissor lift may be needed. The correct equipment should always be used for the job at hand.

Types of Freight Lift

Freight and goods lifts come in varying sizes and load capacities from the smallest dumb waiters used in the food service industry to the largest hydraulic vertical platform lifts capable of lifting several tons over great distances. Many of the mid-range freight and goods lifts are used in bars and hotels to move beer barrels and in department stores and other retail outlets for moving heavy boxes between floors.

Shopping around the various lift consultation, design and installation companies in and around the UK will reveal a wide array of possibilities and options to choose from. It is of course a good idea to request a consultation and determine the best fit for your needs before purchasing any equipment.

Lift Maintenance

One very important thing to remember when planning a freight lift installation is the ongoing maintenance it will need. Although freight lifts can be a great way to speed up your business and can save you countless man-hours and money along the way, they do not look after themselves and will require both monetary and time expenditure beyond the initial installation costs to keep them running smoothly. Buying the highest quality equipment from the start can help to ease the burden later on as it will typically last longer, run quieter, and need less maintenance than cheaper alternatives, but it will still need regular maintenance to stay in top condition.

The first parts to go are usually the door mechanisms as these will receive the most wear and tear from daily operation. Occasionally (every few years or so) maintenance of the doors may include complete replacement or modernisation to return them to proper working order. However, as long as you don't neglect your new elevator equipment, most freight lifts should last for many years to come.

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