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A tail lift can be a great way to add heavy load support to almost any vehicle. Whether it be for loading and unloading goods from a freight vehicle or goods van, or providing disabled access to a private or commercial hire vehicle or public transport. There are variety of different types of tail lift available from a wealth of lift manufacturers around the UK, and it pays to make sure you get the right kind. The majority of tail lifts are pneumatic or hydraulic, although there are other types.


Using a tail lift on a commercial delivery or transport vehicle can remove the need to employ additional (and dangerous) machinery when loading and unloading such as fork lift trucks which require a license to use. It can also help to bridge gaps or to reach delivery platforms above ground.

Modern tail lifts can usually handle loads of over two tons, and are usually of a cantilever design enabling the working platform to be tilted in addition to being raised or lowered. This wasn't possible with the older column design tail lifts, and makes working on uneven ground much easier.


Tail lifts designed specifically for mobility and disabled access purposes are readily available for most types of vehicles. Commonly fitted to ambulances, minibuses, certain types of taxi and privately owned vehicles, mobility tail lifts can help to alleviate the difficulties involved with moving the elderly or disabled in regular vehicles.

New or Used?

Many companies throughout the UK offer tail lifts for sale, and most will have a selection of used tail lifts alongside their new ones for those who need a tail lift but that don't have the biggest budget available. This means that even if the cost of a new tail lift seems prohibitive there may still be hope in the used tail lift market sector.

Of course, a tail lift that has seen a lot of use won't have the longevity that a new one would, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't buy one. After all, the average lifespan of a tail lift can be anything from a few years to dozens of years depending on it's size and complexity and the purpose it will be used for. Some extremely robust used tail lifts can be relied upon to provide you with many years of service for a fraction of what a new one would cost you.

However, used tail lifts often come with less or even no guarantees. Should something go wrong with a new tail lift, it is usually fairly simple to get it repaired. If the tail lift is very old, however, even if you just bought it there may be little help available and even parts may be hard to find. You should weigh this aspect of buying a used tail lift carefully against the benefits of buying new and determine whether the difference in price makes up for it.

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