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Lift Companies

If you're looking to commission the design and installation of a lift system, or you need someone to perform maintenance or repair on existing elevator equipment then you're in luck. There are literally dozens of specialist lift companies spread throughout the UK that can take all the hassle out of working with lifts, offering high quality services at some great rates. Whether you need residential or commercial mobility lifts, tail lifts, elevators, escalators or moving walks, there is certain to be a perfect match for the job.

Mobility Lifts for Disabled Persons

There are a number of lift companies in the UK specialising in equipment to help those with impaired movement to get around. These companies, such as Platform Lift Company UK or Skyscrapers UK Lift Company, offer a range of services including renovation of homes and businesses to enable disabled access, modifying vehicles for wheelchair users and much more in addition to their usual lift building services. If you or a family member are living with a physical disability, or if you simply want to enable free access to your company space or make your company transport mobility-friendly, these businesses and many more besides can help.

Residential and Commercial Elevators

The sheer number of possible options just for moving between floors can really be quite staggering when looking into it seriously. Each lift company offers its own perspective on the perfect lift for each occasion and it can take some time to filter through them for exactly what you want. One company that specialises in elevators, escalators and moving walks is Schindler UK, who provide a range of pre-built and bespoke solutions to cover just about any scenario.

Elevator ranges usually extend from the humblest single slab door elevator with separate machine room often found in budget high rise accommodation, to the fanciest cascade door elevators with inlays and high-end design used in the swankiest of commercial buildings. Just as with the style, elevators vary by the number of floors they can handle, how many passengers can be carried and how much room they take up. Modern elevators can be purchased with no external machine room that incorporate the machinery directly into the shaft for those applications where space is limited. Elevators can also be purchased that are suitable for fire fighting uses.

Escalators and Moving Walks

As with elevators, escalators and moving walks are available in a wide variety of types and styles suitable for a range of purposes. Moving walks for example are commonly found in public transport areas but their use isn't limited to only this. The main difference between escalators and moving walks is the vertical rise, and whether you choose one or the other will largely depend on how large the rise is and the horizontal distance available to climb it. Since escalators are basically a moving staircase, they can be effectively designed to cope with very large vertical rise scenarios spanning several floors in large buildings. Moving walks on the other hand must remain shallow in order to be used effectively by the public. Again, Schindler Lifts UK is a great first place to start if you are looking for escalators or moving walks as they specialise in this area. Of course there are other companies around that can provide similar services so it always pays to shop around.

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