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Residential Elevator

There are many reasons people purchase residential elevators for their home or other buildings. The most common is to provide easier access for the disabled, and there are dozens of companies that specialise in this area, some exclusively. Whatever the type of residential elevator you need and for whatever reason, there is sure to be a company in the UK that can help.

Home Elevators

A residential home elevator can substantially increase the value of your property due to mobility and convenience factors. With modern manufacturing processes and strict safety standards in the construction and installation of elevators, a residential home elevator can also now offer improved safety when moving around the home. For home remodelling purposes, a fitted home elevator can also make the prospect of building up much more cost-effective than building out and can save quite a bit of space by negating the need for an additional staircase too.

Stairlifts (Chair Lifts)

When climbing stairs is no longer an option, you don't need to go to all the hassle and expense of having a complete custom elevator solution designed and installed, and you also don't need to leave the home you love for more level pastures. Having a stairlift fitted to straight or curved stairs is a simple and often cheaper solution than fitting an elevator and can provide easy access to multiple floors in the home.

Wheelchair Lifts

For people living with a physical disability impairing their ability to move around, a wheelchair lift can provide access to areas of the home they may not have been able to reach before. Easily fitted to existing staircases or in their own area, wheelchair lifts are available for vertical rises and regular inclines almost anywhere in the home. An incline wheelchair lift can be fitted to a regular staircase, for example, very similar to the common stairlift and provides a space-saving solution to getting wheelchairs up and down the stairs. Most incline wheelchair lifts can simply be folded against the wall when not in use so they won't interfere with others who need to use the stairs.

Evacuation Carriers

An area quite often overlooked when modifying a home for mobility access is what happens in an emergency. Should the worst happen and fire break out for example, you will need a quick way to get a passenger possibly one larger than yourself down the stairs without waiting around for a lift that may no longer be safe to use, or a stair lift that may be too slow. In these situations an evacuation carrier or track can quite literally be a life-saver. Most evacuation carriers are quite low cost to implement and involve a chair and specialised track which enables quick and safe movement down the stairs in an emergency. They can be operated easily by someone of limited strength and provide an effective way to get clear of the danger zone.

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