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Small Passenger Lifts

Passenger lifts or elevators are available in a wide variety of sizes. However, the focus for many lift companies are the bigger heavy duty elevators for use in office buildings and high rise accommodation. If your needs are somewhat more modest, you may be looking for something a little smaller. The good news is that there are many companies throughout the UK that specialise in small domestic lifts and those for disabled access (DDA lifts).

Passenger Lifts for Small Buildings

For vertical transport between two or three floors for a couple dozen people, it hardly seems worthwhile to invest in a lift capable of carrying some 30 people up and down at 4m/s all day. Indeed, for this type of building the smallest option is usually the most cost effective and should suffice for the building's needs. A small car to carry four or five is usually more than enough and it shouldn't need a speed rating of more than 1 or 1.5m/s. Even 0.5m/s may be good enough. This type of small passenger lift can usually be purchased and installed on a very modest budget.

Domestic Passenger Lifts at Home

Another type of building that often benefits from the installation of a passenger lift is a private residential building; someone's home. Adding an elevator can not only ease the journey between upstairs and downstairs – no small thing for those with mobility issues – but will also add significant value on to your house should you wish to sell in the future. In fact, for some it may mean the difference between your house and the competition and this could lead to an easier sale.

A wide range of lifts designed for the home are available from specialist companies that are not only quiet to operate and relatively simple to install, they are also affordable and can be tailored to match almost any home décor.

Small Passenger Lifts for Disabled Access

A passenger lift may even be required in the home of a disabled person to prevent relocation, although there are a number of options here. Chair lifts have been used for several decades to allow seated movement up and down flights of stairs and stair risers offer a wheelchair platform that does the same thing. These are usually much cheaper than a full blown elevator solution and so it pays to check if this is possible and weigh up all your options before you buy. If you are buying for disabled access, make sure you check that any lift equipment you buy is compliant with the guidelines set out in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Often, it may just be that the convenience of a proper vertical platform lift outweighs any other concern and there are many nice and affordable elevators for the home available from specialist companies.

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