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Passenger Lift Installation

Passenger lift installation services are provided by a number of different companies in the United Kingdom. In every case, a little research will help you locate a lift installation specialist near your location, mostly because there are thousands of them in the United Kingdom alone. They can help you find and install any type of passenger lift, which you need to help transport passengers from floor to floor in any type of building (business, residential). These companies have established relationships and reputations with lift suppliers and manufacturers who make it easier to find the perfect hydraulic or traction lift for low and medium rise buildings. Many can tailor a lift installation plan to a building and have a passenger lift up and operating safely and reliably in only a few days. Each company has highly trained and experienced professional lift service technicians and engineers ready to install passenger lifts and most of their prices are now competitive because the sheer amount of companies compared to a decade ago.

What is Passenger Lift Installation?

Passenger lift installation is a service provided to customers requiring the installation of a lift to transport passengers wherever it is required. This service includes features that can vary from firm to firm in the UK, so research is required in order to find the right lift company for the installation you desire. The research you conduct will also help you make the necessary cost comparison between services and service providers that will help you make your decision. Just make sure to check out any reviews of each service offered and customer testimonials that might be available for each company. Furthermore, make sure to check out the safety record of each firm, and all the important factors essential to quality passenger lift installation, like the installation standards of the installer. Once the lift has been successfully installed and the provider is happy that this lift will not have any problems then they will generally serve you with a warranty. This will ensure that any problems with the lift in a specific amount of time will be dealt with free of charge.

Types of Passenger Lift Installations

Customers can find an installer for all types of passenger lift designs manufactured and sold in the United Kingdom, from traditional traction lifts with machine rooms, to more modern motor room-less designs for all applications. Capable of transporting 20 or more passengers up to 16 floors, the available passenger lifts being manufactured and sold around the country are becoming a lot more flexible, and safe. They can be supplied either wall-mounted or structure-supported and customers have the option with some installation services in the United Kingdom of personalizing the interior or exterior of their own passenger lift.


Passenger lift installation is an essential service being provided by various companies in the United Kingdom. Customers can find that if they find the right passenger lift installation service provider they will be able to carry out further work to their lift, including; maintenance and repair.

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