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Schindler UK is one of the foremost elevator and escalator design, manufacture and installation experts in the world. Handling all of the most challenging projects for passenger elevators, freight and special elevators, escalators and moving walks, Schindler bring the highest quality to whatever they do.

High Profile

Schindler Lifts has worked with some very high profile clients on some extremely demanding projects and has successfully completed them all to the most stringent quality standards. Schindler has worked on the UK's tallest apartment building, Beetham Tower in Manchester, Canary Wharf's latest tower, Wembley Stadium and the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport to name but a few.

From Concept to Completion and Beyond

Schindler provide a wealth of expertise for the whole life cycle of lifts and escalators. With their design, manufacture and installation services they can get your lifts up and running quickly and efficiently from just a concept. They will provide ongoing repair and maintenance to ensure that any lifts continue to function as expected for as long as they possibly can and, should it be required, they can effectively modernise most lifts and escalators to satisfy changing needs or new style aesthetics, or to incorporate new technologies.


From the smallest apartment building to the biggest high rise or most sophisticated offices, Schindler Lifts can provide the perfect elevator for the job. The Schindler range of elevators starts with the energy efficient and odour free Schindler 3100 traction elevator designed for up to five floors and 7-9 passengers, and available at speeds of 0.63m/s or 1m/s. The Schindler 5300 is for luxury residential buildings and supports up to 20 floors and loads of 535-1125kg (7-15 passengers). The 5300 elevator comes in either 1m/s or 1.6m/s versions and is also suitable for fire-fighting needs. At the top end of the scale, the Schindler 7000 is for the most demanding high rise of up to 500m and can carry loads of up to 2,000kg at speeds as high as 10m/s safely.


The Schindler Lifts range of escalators and moving walks kicks off with the Schindler 9300 Advanced Edition pre-engineered escalator solution. Supporting a vertical rise of up to 13m and equipped with over 20 safety devices, the 9300 AE is suitable for almost all commercial escalator applications. The Schindler 9700AE-S is designed to meet common public transport escalator needs and offers effective handling of high traffic volume with a vertical rise of up to 50m. Moving walks are available in widths of 1m or 1.4m and supporting lengths of up to 100m at a 6 degree incline. The Schindler 9500-55 moving walk is built with a rubber band design and operates virtually noise free for those applications where any noise would be an issue.

Whether you need a complete elevator or escalator design and installation package, or simple modernisation and maintenance of existing equipment, Schindler Lifts offer the very highest quality and can complete the task quickly and efficiently. They should definitely be one of the first places you check into if you are in need of the highest quality elevators and escalators.

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