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Vertical platform lifts

Vertical platform lifts are one of the most versatile types of lift available today, and are the lift with the longest history. It is this type of lift that was used in the Roman Colosseum back in 80AD and it was likely that it was this type that was also used in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

Obviously the technology has increased dramatically since then, but so to has how it is used. Now countless industries use vertical lift technology, and it is also the type of lift most likely to be in a residential setting.

The Uses of Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts have a wide variety of uses. Probably the most thought of is providing cost effective lift solutions to the disabled. Because a vertical platform lift doesn't need such components as a shaft, motor room or cabin they are very cheap by comparison. This puts them financially in reach of many people who want disabled access to upper floors.

The vertical platform lifts provide that by allowing simple access for the disabled users. They simply get onto the platform (which is accessible to wheelchair users) and use the buttons to raise them up a level or two, and get off again, no doors, no shaft and no getting in and out of wheelchairs. An easy solution.

But vertical platform lifts are used in many other areas. The concept has been applied to the technology in fire engines to provide a mobile platform for fighting fire, council workers use similar trucks to change street lamps or make repairs.

The entertainment industry, like the Romans before them, use such technology for their own ends. Vertical platform lifts can allow for dramatic entrances from below, or can bring an actor or singer up to a level to make them seem on top of a castle, or even floating with the right lighting!

Many heavy industries use vertical platform lift technology to move heavy items around so that engineers can gain access to the underside of heavy equipment, including the automotive industry and defence industries... engineers certainly can't lift a tank by themselves to gain access to the underside!

Why Choose Vertical Platform Lifts?

As when making any decision you first need to think about what it is you are trying to achieve, and what obstacles lay in your way. But certainly vertical platform lifts are very cost effective and take up very little room.

With no shaft, no cabin and no motor room needed they have considerable less cost than traditional lifts to purchase. Such 'stripped down' technology also means that they have considerably less parts to maintain, saving on a maintenance program. Because such solutions are available to the residential market the costs involved in the parts and repair also tend to be considerably less too individuals (usually) have less money to spend than large companies!

Vertical platform lifts are an old concept with up to date technology that can be put to any number of uses.

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