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Pneumatic Vacuum Lifts

Pneumatic vacuum lifts are a newer type of lift designed to operate without the need for cables or pistons. This means that they can be installed much more quickly than other more traditional types of lifts. This is possible because this type of lift is generally composed of prefabricated sections, which are considerably narrower than conventional lift shafts in use today to house lifts. Pneumatic vacuum lifts are also rated up to 450 pounds in most cases and operate according to simple laws of physics and are manufactured in a number of different models and various firms around the world. They operate using the difference between the air pressure beneath and above the cab of the lift, using pumps or turbines that lift you up to the next floor. The release of air pressure is what gets you down safely and securely, and this is a tried and tested way of efficient lift operation.

What is a Pneumatic Vacuum Lift?

A pneumatic vacuum lift is a residential lift used to transport goods and materials to different floors in a safe, reliable and secure manner. This type of lift is constructed using transparent sections that allow passengers a view of the surrounding environment, and they are being manufactured today with a variety of useful options and features. Pneumatic vacuum elevators do not require pit excavation, a hoist way or machine room in order to operate efficiently, and they can usually be installed in one or two days, depending on the situation.

What are the Features being Included with the Pneumatic Vacuum Lifts Constructed Today?

The features included with the pneumatic vacuum lifts include two to four stops for residential, marine and staged use, a self-supporting structure that allows this type of lift to rest on any existing floor and enhanced safety since the moving lift automatically descends to the lowest level of a building and the door opens during a power interruption. This type of lift is furthermore considered a greener type of lift, since it uses minimal energy during ascent and no energy during descent, and uses no oil or lubrication during operation. Pneumatic vacuum lifts also run on 220 volts and the cab electric circuits are 24 volts, which eliminates the risk of shock during operation. The lifts handle up to three passengers, are wheelchair-accessible with some models and can raise upwards as many as four floors in the buildings in which they are installed.


Pneumatic vacuum pumps are one of the newest types of lifts being constructed and uses around the United Kingdom and world to safely and securely transport people between floors in residential and even commercial settings. This type of lift uses no cables or pistons during operation and can be generally installed quicker and easier than other types of lifts manufactured and engineered around the world. They also include some amazing safety features, are a greener type of lift than many traditional lifts in use, can lift up to four floors and are even wheel-chair accessible with some models.

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