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The majority of people are used to riding in the traditional lifts and elevators we use every day to travel between floors in building around the United Kingdom. The majority of public, commercial and even a small percentage of residential homes are fitted with lifts to provide a means of transporting people and/or goods between floors. During recent years, it has become more commonplace to see outdoor lifts or observation lifts being installed in buildings. These lifts are turning up in more and more buildings every day around the country and proving to be a useful and scenic way to travel between floors in both large and small buildings.

What is an Outdoor Passenger Lift?

Outdoor Passenger Lifts are a type of passenger and cargo lift usually located on the outside of a building. They generally travel vertically across the full length of the building in which they have been fitted. In recent years though, this type of lift is being used to travel up the sides of hills and even mountains, and we will probably see this type of lift used in a greater amount of situations soon. This type of lift is usually constructed of glass and steel in order to provide both the strength required to lift cargo and people and a scenic view.

Where is an Outdoor Passenger Lift Usually Found?

Outdoor passenger lifts in the beginning were found on the outside of buildings to provide a panoramic view of the surrounding neighbourhood. Today they can be found providing scenic views for people travelling between floors in a variety of apartments, commercial buildings, sports and entertainment venues. This type of lift is also available in an amazing variety of types of lifts, including; cargo, platform, inclined and even vertical lifts.

What is the Main Function of an Outdoor Passenger Lift?

The main function of an outdoor passenger lift is to transport people and goods between floors in the building or environment they are installed in. They are also used to provide travellers with a 360 degree scenic view of the surrounding environment and enhance the exterior of the buildings by enhancing the visual 'impact' of the building.


Outdoor passenger lifts are a type of lift located on the exterior of buildings, hills and even mountains to provide both a means of transporting people and cargo from higher levels to lower levels and the scenic view of the surrounding environment they are known for. They can be found on the exterior of apartment buildings, residential buildings, sports and entertainment venues and the list of places they can be found is continuing to expand day to day. This type of lift is also becoming more and more popular to use in place of other types and in the years ahead we can probably expect outdoor passenger lifts to be used to transport people and goods in an even larger variety of situations.

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