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Through floor lifts

There are many types, and many uses for, through floor lifts. They can be used commercially or domestically and can be great big service lifts travelling in shafts designed to carry tonnes of materials, or small, one man through floor lifts taking you from downstairs to upstairs in your house.

Uses of Through Floor Lifts

One of the major uses for through floor lifts is residential. Usually using vertical platform lift technology the residential through floor lift is designed simply to move the user from downstairs to upstairs with minimum fuss, perfect for the disabled or those unable to use the stairs for whatever reason.

Usually this will mean having to cut a hole large enough for the platform (or even cabin if you take that option) to pass through when going between floors... but this in itself is cheaper than an external lift that would need two holes cut in the walls!

Depending on the platform the control panel may travel up with you or there will be two, one at each of the entrance/exit points. Typically such solutions just travel between two stops on two floors, but you can get solutions that can go as far as 13 meters, which is a number of floors should you have a large house.

These lifts have a number of options, and can include shafts or not, they can be scissor lifts, mounted on load bearing walls and many more options besides.

Commercially many retail malls will make use of this technology, shops like to integrate the through floor lifts with glass cabins so that customers can always see what it is that is being offered for sale. Outside of the shops, in the malls themselves, such technologies are again popular to provide a different look/feel. Usually they will use shafts, motors and cable system but platform lifts are not unheard of.

One of the most famous examples of through floor lifts being used is that of Ancient Rome using it inside the Colosseum to transports slaves and animals from the dungeon below into the arena itself. And so it is now with entertainment, many theatres use through floor lifts to raise the actors and sets up from below the stage up into the view of the audience.


Because the usage of through floor lifts can vary so much between buildings there is no way that a company can give a specific quote on what a 'through floor lift' would cost. Such factors as the need for shafts, cabins, cables and the like play a factor.

But since the most common type of through floor lifts bought tend to be domestic lifts to be used by wheelchair users there are a wide range of companies that are able to give typical quotes for the installation of pre-engineered through floor lift solutions. Be careful though as most of these quotes will be 'typical' and my rise depending on your own circumstances and needs.

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