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Medicine is advancing dramatically, and as it does so it is allowing us to live fuller lives for longer than ever before. It used to be that living to sixty was a ripe old age, but these days it is not uncommon to live well into your nineties and even reach into your hundreds.

All this means that technology has had to keep pace with medicine, that machines have needed to be created to help not just the gadget hungry youngsters but also those who are ageing and wanting to improve their quality of life.

Unfortunately one of the first things that get impaired as we age is mobility. Not that a lack of mobility is limited to those who are ageing, far from it, sports injuries, accidents and more can limit the mobility of the young as well. Which is why mobility aids have become so important. One of the most popular mobility aids are stair lifts.

How Stair Lifts Help

Stair lifts are aids to allowing those who have difficulty traversing stairs to go up and down between floors without a problem. Problems with stairs has often led to people having to leave their homes for flats and bungalows, which can really impact their quality of life.

A stair lift helps to combat that by allowing you access to the upper floors of the house, so that you don;t have to have everything on just the one level. It can save significant amounts of money, either in moving costs or in having bedrooms and bathrooms fitted downstairs.

What are Stair Lifts?

It sounds simple considering the name but a stair lift is simply a lift fitted to your stairs. It is a motorised seat that is mounted on a load bearing wall and allows someone to sit on it and travel up and down the stairs, usually controlled by a hand held device which travels with you, though sometimes a control panel is fitted to the arm of the stair lift seat.

The stair lift runs on runners that are mounted on the wall, which means that some stair lifts are actually able to traverse corners and angles as well as simply going up and down a straight staircase.

Seats vary dramatically. Some can simply be a stool on runners whilst others come with all sorts of options, including arm rests and back support. Almost all stair lifts will be able to be folded back, flush with the wall, so as to allow easy access to the stairs for those who don't want to use the staor lift itself.

There are all different types of stair lift available, so you can choose one that suits your own needs and situation. If your need for stair lifts is just a short one, perhaps because of injury or illness that you will recover from, then it is also possible to rent a stair lift.

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