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Scissor lifts is a name given to a specific design of platform lift. It is a reference to the scissor, or concertina, type action that the raising 'arms' perform in order to raise and lower the platform, table or tray.

These arms are powered by a variety of methods, depending on the specific design, but all use basic hydraulics as a method of moving the top point. This type of design has become common place around the world in a wide range of industries thanks to its versatility and strength.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are famous for their use in a number of industries. Probably the most common is the automotive industry where they are used in a number of capacities. Many people will actually own a scissor lift themselves without knowing it a car jack, used to raise the car to change a tire, is actually a very small and simple version of a scissor lift.

Most garages will also contain a scissor lift, used to raise the whole auto-mobile into the air, usually resting on two pole support beams, acting as a sort of support bed. Scissor lifts are used because they are far stronger than most lifts, providing strength from below so can take far more weight and auto-mobiles do weigh!

The scissor lifts are extremely versatile because they can be moved about extremely easily. There is no need for a shaft and cabin, as per traditional lift solutions, and as such scissor lifts can go pretty much anywhere. This is why they are used as mobile platforms across numerous uses.

Fire engines use them for raising fire fighters to provide a higher platform to spray water, or to rescue people from upper levels (and of course the occasional kitten from a tree, where they provide a safer platform than a ladder!). Council workers use them to deal with street lighting, put up Christmas decorations and clean certain areas around cities.

Theatres and the entertainment industry famously make use of scissor lifts, used to provide lift to actors and performers when a dramatic entrance or moment is needed. They provide a solution to many a directors need!

Not all scissor lifts are easily moved though. Despite all it's uses it should be remembered that the scissor lift is in fact a complex piece of equipment, indeed many of them can be huge and especially specialised in what they are doing.

Because of that it is important that when you are using scissor lifts you have people who are trained in how to handle them. Safety requirements insist that people operating such complex machinery have undergone training in how to do so safely.

So if you are considering using a scissor lift for anything, from a play to painting a wall, it is important that you use up-to-date safe equipment controlled by people who know what they are doing. These lifts can go very high, and be very complex, don't risk not obeying the law.

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