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Platform lifts have been around for thousands of years, the Romans famously used them in the Colosseum to transport slaves and creatures such as lions into the arena. Whilst the technology has improved dramatically in the intervening two thousand years the concept is still very much the same, using a transport to raise or lower the passengers from one level to another.

Disabled Access

The intervening years have also brought about another change. No longer is it for bringing in slaves for blood sports, now the usage of platform lifts is far more useful, the primary use is providing disabled access to areas that they may not otherwise be able to reach.

Platform lifts can utilize various technologies for this, from hydraulics to motor drivers, what method they use depends entirely on the sort of platform lift that you go for and what you are trying to get it to achieve.

The most common type of platform lift is a vertical platform lift. Simply put this type of lift lowers people from the ground floor directly upwards (and of course returns them downwards again). This is perfect for helping people gain access between floors which is why it is usually also coupled with through-floor technology, though some may be used in shafts as well.

They then work like traditional lifts, the only difference being that instead of having a 'cab; that you ride in platform lifts only raise and lower the platform that you are standing or sitting on. This is a perfectly safe method, and a very cost effective one, when used on a few floors... but once more than about 13 meters you instead need to be looking at a more traditional lift method.

The other main variety of platform lift is the inclined platform lifts. Inclined platform lifts work, as the name suggests, on an incline. The concept being that the platform progresses along the incline at a pre-set angle. The main use for this is to provide disabled access up and down stairs without the need to set up a lift that goes through the floor.

Both cases can dramatically improve the amount of freedom that a disabled person can enjoy. Be aware that there are both Government and disabled regulations to be met regarding the strength, maintenance and usage of such platform lifts.

Other uses

Providing disabled access isn't the only use that platform lifts can be put to. They are also popular in helping to move stock around factories. Because they can withstand considerable weights and are cheap to buy and maintain platform lifts, both vertical and inclined, have considerable uses in industry.

One of the major users of platform lifts is the car industry, where vertical scissor platform lifts (scissor is a style of lifting the platform) are routinely used to raise and lower cars to gain access for mechanics to work on the underside of the vehicle.

However they are used platform lifts can be cost effective, convenient, powerful solutions for anyone who needs to provide disabled access or to move items from one floor to another.

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