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It is important that you keep passengers lifts serviced. In this day and age a lot of Government red tape stands in the way of businesses, and a lot of regulations don't make sense. But when it comes to lift safety it is essential that you, as a bare minimum, follow Government regulations.

Providing that lifts are regularly and properly maintained they are as safe as anything else can be in the world, fail safes and fail safes for the fail safes stop any major catastrophes from happening, but for them to be properly working they need a service from time to time, which is why having a passenger lift service is so essential.

What a passenger lift service does

A passenger lift service , is an essential part of running a lift. Whilst maintenance and repairs can keep a lift running it is important that it gets a regular audit and service to ensure that it is running as it should be.

Most passenger lift services are done by outside contractors coming in and 'running the rule' over the lift and all its parts. They will run through a checklist of important tests and procedures that need to be done to ensure that the passenger lift is running at 100%, and that there are no faults or errors that may impair it or endanger any passengers within it.

Any parts that are found to be faulty are replaced and the general lift will be given an overhaul, from updating software to ensuring that the parts are fully lubricated.

It is important to remember how complex passenger lifts can be these days. It is not simply a case of a lift cab and counter weight. There are complex software programs running, delicate wires and tubes and a whole lot more. Whilst a maintenance crew may know enough to stop it from degrading too much a passenger lift service will bring it back up to the highest possible standard.

It is estimated that the lifespan of a passenger lift is twenty to thirty years, and that right now fifty percent of the lifts are approaching the age that they need to be replaced. As they get older the lifts will continue to deteriorate and so it is important for a passenger lift service to be carried out on a frequent basis, to ensure the minimum amount of problems in the years running up to it being replaced.

Frequent services can also extend the lifespan of the passenger lift as they help to ensure that all the parts are in good working order and stop any deterioration as it happens, rather than months or years after it has happened which in turn stops damage being done to other parts.

It is law to have a passenger lift service at certain intervals, depending on the hardware and age etc, but rather than rail against Government red tape this is one set of regulations you should embrace as they can save you money and keep your passengers safe.

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