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It used to be that passenger lifts were just a plaything of the rich and famous, no one else could afford them. But times have changed dramatically and now they are an option for all sort of people and businesses. Indeed in many instances it can actually be a legal requirement to have a lift if you expect customers to have to travel between floors.

But it can be difficult to find what you are looking for, getting a passenger lift quote is fraught with danger, not knowing what you need, not understanding the legalities of it all can mean you can be taken advantage of. How many of us are really up to understanding the technologies and legalities that come with passenger lifts even just to the point we can question a passenger lift quote from any footing of knowledge? Very few.

What you need to consider

Which is why it is very important that you make yourself aware of what you want and what you need before you start shopping around for a passenger lift quote. Consider a few things.


How busy is the lift likely to be? You need to consider such things as numbers and weight that are able to get into the lift at any one time. Different lifts, cabins and cables have different tolerances so you need to know what the likely throughput of passengers is likely to be. Also consider such things as wheelchairs and shopping trolleys.


Linked to capacity. You need to consider how many lifts you are likely to need, and whether bigger lifts or more of them are more important. Consider how long you are likely to be keeping customers waiting, how many floors there are etc.


Do you want something that is kept out of the way, away from main thoroughfares, or something out in the top that people can see and recognise there are other floors. This may depend on use, offices may want them out of the way whilst shopping centres may like them front and centre.


Do you want them to look attractive, adding to the style of the place, or would you rather simply functional design? Such things as panoramic glass lifts can really help with the look of the place and with the user satisfaction.


When you are considering your passenger lift quote you need to think about how it is going to be used. Will it be used constantly, shipping people from one floor to the other without any rest period, or will it only be used a few times a day?

And will it only be passengers that are using it, or will stock and equipment also be moved between floors by using it?

There are hundreds of options available when you are looking for a passenger lift quote, and it can be easy to get lost in them all. So make sure that you consider exactly what it is you want and need, before you go looking for a passenger lift quote.

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