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Passenger lift design

There are a wide range of lift designs that can incorporate the carrying of passengers, and almost as many that are designed specifically for the movement of people from one floor to another. When you are considering your own passenger lift needs it is best to consider them all before you decide which passenger lift design is best for you.

So what are the options available? Well there are far too many options available for passenger lift designs here, but allow us to go over the basics.

Passenger Lift Designs

Traditional Pre-Engineered Lifts

The traditional passenger lift design is one that we are all familiar with. It works using a lift cab for the passengers to access and travel on, raising vertically between floors via a lift shaft. How it does this is via a cable system that can be powered via a few different ways including hydraulics.

It is pre-engineered rather than bespoke so follows a well established method of creating lifts and will suit a wide variety of needs.

Bespoke Passenger Lift Design

Almost impossible to pigeon hole as a bespoke passenger lift design can be created to do almost anything that you could think of a lift doing. But traditionally it will follow the same pattern as the pre-engineer passenger lift design, a cabin, a shaft, a driving mechanism and a cable system.

But being bespoke a wide range of variables can be changes and altered to suit the needs (and whims) of the person ordering the design.

Glass/Panoramic Passenger Lift Design

Following the same pattern as the previous two in the it also utilizes cable, motor, cabin and shaft technologies. This type of passenger lift design uses a glass cabin and see through (usually also glass) shaft to allow passengers to see out of the lift, whether it is allowing views across the city or across the shopping mall.

This type of passenger lift design can be used on the inside or the outside and is especially common in shopping malls where they like the passengers to see all the options available to them.

Platform lifts

Often given their own category rather than considered a passenger lift, this type of passenger lift design is usually made only for one person, or at most a few people. It is an inexpensive and easy to maintain lift solution for those that other lift designs won't make sense for.

It is important to remember that all passenger lifts have to meet certain safety requirements, and so it is not a case of simply getting people up and down via the easiest method possible. These passenger lift designs need to undergo careful scrutiny to make sure that they are not placing any users in danger.

But of course it is possible to marry up safety and design, both stylish and practical. The important thing is to understand just what it is that you are looking for from your lift design needs, the odds are that there will be a passenger lift design that solves that issue, and if there isn't a bespoke one can be created!

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