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Panoramic lifts

A panoramic lift is, as the name suggests, a lift that is designed specifically to give you panoramic views of the surrounding area. It usually has a glass door, or is entirely made of glass, and can be situated either inside or outside of buildings.

Why Use Panoramic Lifts?

Such a design is perfect for allowing people to enjoy the views of the surrounding city, if that is so desired. For many tourist destinations simply having this style of lift on the outside of the building can bring in people who want to view the area and once inside you are more likely to get them spending money!

They are also perfect for shopping malls. Allowing a panoramic view of the mall, on the inside, allows customers to spy out shops that will interest them, and will encourage them to further browse the mall, looking for interesting things that they were able to spy when travelling in the panoramic lifts.

And there is of course the style aspect. It comes as no surprise to understand that many art centres now use panoramic lifts to help develop the look of the place, including the world famous Tate Gallery in London, England. Panoramic lifts tend to be very stylish and come in a wide variety of different designs and can easily be created bespoke for companies.

Panoramic Lifts the Options

Panoramic view lifts can limit your options to a degree, for instance there is little point putting a lift cab that allows for panoramic views into a metal shaft that you can't see out of. But for the majority of options they are still available, simply deciding that you want a panoramic view lift doesn't mean that you have to have set options. The world is still your oyster!

The types of drive that you want are still easily selectable, from hydraulic to machine roomless and everything in between, allowing you to completely tailor it to your buildings needs.

Importantly, consider how panoramic lifts tend to be used to enhance the look of a place, panoramic lifts can also be had in bespoke options, so you can choose exactly how you want the lifts to be looking, and how you want them to be acting (e.g. through floors, on the outside of buildings, etc).

And that is important, because panoramic view lifts are all about enhancing the experience for the users, for giving your customers and potential customers something that will impress them and keep them sticking around... and of course looking as professional and as good as possible whilst you do it.

That means controlling what you want, what you want them to see and what you want the lift to do, and that is all about options, options that you don't have to sacrifice just because you want the style and user experience that comes with a panoramic lift.

Lifts can often say a lot about a company, how well they are cleaned and maintained, how much they care for their customers. So by choosing panoramic lifts you show that you really do care.

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