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Lift refurbishment

Lifts can be expensive, whether it is passenger lifts, cargo lifts or pretty much any type of lift. Value for money? No doubt, but they are not cheap things to buy. Which is why lift refurbishment, rather than simply buying a new lift, is such a popular concept for breathing 'new life' back into your lifts, and of course for modernising them.

And all lifts need modernising in time. Government legislation for safety requirements change as technology increases, parts wear out and break and new technologies simply mean there are better and more efficient answers out there... so keeping your lift updated is important, which is, again, where lift refurbishment comes in.

There are two basic types of lift refurbishment, which do have a fair amount of cross over. Cosmetic and fundamental

Cosmetic Lift Refurbishment

Pretty much how it sounds. What we are talking about with this sort of lift refurbishment is improving the look of the lift, usually the 'car', the part that the passengers (or cargo) ride in. In many cases it is simply refurbishing by improving the look of the walls and floor with new materials (wood panelling for instance), but sometimes the changes can be more fundamental... such as getting a new, improved, control panel for floor selection, fitting speakers for a voice to state floor number, play music etc.

Other such enhancements can be very technological, but in no way interfere with the basic function of the lift. For instance infra-red sensors on the doors, so they sense if something is in the way when they are going to shut, have become very popular.

The whole idea behind the cosmetic type of lift refurbishment centres around the lift being a more pleasant or useful lift, it is all about design and function in how it directly interacts with the user.

Fundamental Lift Refurbishment

What we are talking about here is the refurbishment of the technologies that drive the lift itself. The motors, the safety brakes and more. These are, usually, the parts that will be most government by Government safety regulations and will be subject to regular checks.

And it is vital they are, because these are the parts that the whole lift relies on for power, for safety measures and more. So it is important that you keep these up-to-date, whether it is the microprocessors, the isolators or the motors... all need to be in top working order.

A fundamental lift refurbishment can address that by changing out old and worn parts, and out of date technologies, and replace them with new versions. Importantly this can be done without incurring the cost of replacing the whole system.

It is via this method of lift refurbishment that most lifts evolve. Few lifts will be the same as when they were installed decades afterwards, they will be replaced bit by bit over time, so much so that many lifts will no longer contain any real part of the original lift, but will instead be far in advance technology wise, without ever having gone through a full replacement.

Lift refurbishment is cost effective and far safer.

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