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Lift maintenance

With lifts safety is paramount, you need to ensure that you are on top of safety at all times, from meeting Government requirements through to simply making sure that parts are of the quality needed. The safety of the lift users should be upper most in your mind at all times. Which is why lift maintenance is so important.

Of course there is another advantage to carrying out a proper lift maintenance regime cost. Lift maintenance can help spot problem areas before they become a problem and fix them, saving you the cost of replacing them later on. Lift maintenance can also help stop general wear and tear on parts throughout the lift.

Why You Need a Lift Maintenance Regime

Technology for lifts are changing and improving all the time, so it is important that you keep up to date, but a general maintenance person who is more worried about the electrics on the factory floor, or keeping power going to the mall's shops is not going to be able to keep up to date. A lift maintenance engineer is needed for that either in house or a contractor.

This maintenance engineer will be spending time ensuring he understands the technologies, and the ever changing Government legislation governing lifts (which changes on a frequent basis). More important than keeping up with technologies though is that a lift maintenance engineer will know how best to maintain a lift.

Money Saving

A maintenance regime for your lift is essential to stop you getting in trouble with the law, to keep the users safe and save you money. If certain parts of the lift fails then you could be placing the lives of anyone who uses it in danger and without lift maintenance you will never know if parts are close to failing. Having a lift maintenance engineer who knows and understands the parts of the lift, and can recognise if a part is not working properly or looking like it is going to fail, can really save peoples lives.

Such a regime can be a huge money saver, not least saving you money on Government fines for not meeting their requirements. It also saves dramatic amount of money by being able to fix parts that are starting to fail. Lift parts can be expensive and so recognising faults and being able to correct them yourself is always going to save you money.

If a part is not working at its most efficient then it will also be placing more of a strain on other parts around it, which in turn can increase the wear and tear on those parts spreading damage around quickly and driving up the repair costs. A proper lift maintenance regime will help you see this before it does too much damage, and therefore costs too much.

There are different levels of lift maintenance that you need to consider, from a basic lubricant and parts check from an outside consultant done annually right through to an inhouse expert who's only job is to maintain the lifts. You need to consider what is most cost efficient for you.

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