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Inclined platform lifts

An inclined platform lift is, as the name suggests, a platform lift that follows an incline. The concept is based around raising and lowering a platform at a specific angle.

This works differently from traditional lifts for a number of reasons. Firstly it is following an angle rather than going vertically usually designed to follow a flight of stairs, though any reason or angle can usually be chosen. Also, unlike traditional lift solutions, inclined platform lifts only raise and lower a platform, there is no lift cab involved.

Common Usage

The most common usage for inclined platform lifts is to allow wheelchair users to use them to travel up and down stairs without the need to fit in a full lift, or to have the wheelchair user have to get out and use a stair lift (also a type of inclined platform lift, only more specific), which introduces problems such as getting them onto the stair lift and getting the wheel chair to the top of the flight of stairs.

Inclined platform lifts are ideal for allowing wheelchair access to stair areas because they can simply be rolled onto and off of, so that the wheelchair users are not dependent on others to do that for them. The cost of such platform lifts are also considerably smaller than needed for traditional lifts.


The inclined platform lifts are also considerably cheaper than any other type of lift, platform or otherwise. Dedicated rooms, shaft and cabins are not needed, as they tend to be for traditional lifts, so a huge saving is had in comparison. Even compared to vertical platform lifts a saving is made as again there is no shaft (as there can sometimes be on platform lifts) and, importantly, no further work is required to create access through floors for the platform to raise and lower in.

Sometimes stairs may need widening, which would incur further costs, but in by far the majority of cases it is simply a case of integrating the inclined platform lift technology with your current staircase.

Other uses

Inclined platform lifts do of course have other uses. They can be used to move items around factories, where cutting access for a traditional lift may not otherwise be possible. Theatres and other entertainment venues make considerable use of such technology to allow them to raise and lower platforms and entertainers into place inclined or vertical platforms would be used depending on the specific need and purpose.


Inclined platform lifts, like all lifts, are subject to various rules and regulations from the Government. If it is being used to grant better access to disabled users then further regulations are also in place. Such regulations cover what maintenance and checks need to be carried out, weight tolerances, safety measures put in place, dimensions and how it is powered.

These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of users at all times, but don't let that put you off inclined platform lifts, they truly are an incredibly useful tool.

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