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Glass lifts

Glass lifts have become very popular in recent times. The ability to allow people to see out, so that they feel less claustrophobic in the lift cab, has appealed to many, whilst they are also an extremely stylish way of having a lift. It can help the 'look' of a building, whether the glass lift is inside or outside. It can also help passengers (if, of course, it is a passenger lift) see what else is going on in a building perfect for shopping malls and entertainment venues.

Tourist destinations can also benefit greatly from having glass lifts. Such a lift can easily be incorporated on the outside of a building, making it look more interesting and providing the passengers with a great view of the surrounding areas as they travel inside a lift cab something many tourists will seek out.

Glass Lifts the Options

The good news is that by choosing to fit glass lifts to your building you are not limiting your options on other parts of the lift, there is still a wide range of options available, from deciding the drives and motors, to the design of the lift itself.

For many the design is what matters, they will select glass lifts because of the 'look' that it can give a place, so the ability to have something done bespoke, something that will enhance the style and exactly fit the requirements, is important. That can easily be done with glass lifts, with all sorts of shapes and designs possible.

Glass lifts can be fitted on the outside of buildings, giving panoramic views, or they can be inside buildings giving views of forecourts, shopping centres and the like. They can be fitted to go through floors (especially popular with shopping malls) or in traditional 'out of the way' areas created just for the lifts.

Of course that is not to say that there aren't pre-engineered glass lifts available, indeed there are a wide selection of such lifts for you to choose from if you are happy to have something less tailored. They can be fitted and enjoyed 'as is' rather than having to go through complex design processes.

With almost all types of glass lifts you are able to choose from hydraulic, traction or machine roomless options, so that you can choose the drive systems that best suits the needs of your building and of your customers. Whether you are taking the bespoke or pre-engineered option, when it comes to glass lifts you always have options available to you.

It is important to remember that glass is in fact a very safe material to be working with when it comes to lifts. There is a concern amongst some that is simply is not as safe as other materials, but that is far from the case. Glass lifts, using the right thickness and properly treated glass, are as safe as any other type of lift, easily able to meet Government safety regulations, so there is no need to fear for the safety of it's users.

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