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Whilst there are huge ranges of pre-engineered available on the market it can still be difficult to find exactly what it is you are looking for. Everybody's lift needs are different. From one person vertical platforms to lift a wheelchair from downstairs to upstairs in a domestic residence, through to massive commercial lifts designed for moving huge weights of stock and cargo from one part of the factory to another.

Because of these varying needs it could be that there is simply nothing currently on the market that would suit you. Anything that you did select would be 'making do' rather than being exactly what you are looking for. And when it comes to lifts 'making do' can be dangerous. If you use lifts other than in the way that they were intended then you will, at the very best, risk damaging the lift. More importantly you could put the users of the lift in danger.

All these variables help explain just why bespoke lifts have become so popular. As the need for lifts has grown, both commercially and domestically, so to has the ability to have a lift how you want it. Bespoke lifts have proven the solution to many peoples problems.

Options, Options, Options

That is what bespoke lifts give you, options. It doesn't matter what your specific needs are you will always have options from massive shopping mall owner to someone who just wants a house lift, a bespoke lift can be just what you needed, and will always provide you with huge numbers of options.

You can decide what type of lift you want, whether it has a motor room or not, style, design, color... pretty much anything you can think of, it can be done.

Many new office blocks have taken advantage of bespoke lifts to fit panoramic lifts on the outside of the building, adding a touch of style and allowing the passengers to enjoy some wonderful views. But your bespoke lifts don't have to be anywhere near as ambitious.

Bespoke lifts can be created for simple domestic lift solutions. Every house is different and so the needs will be different. It could be that you want an inclined platform lift that takes a wheelchair user up the stairs, but you have an odd shaped staircase. Whilst pre-engineered lifts won't be able to help you with that, getting bespoke lifts created will do... they can be designed to overcome almost any problem.

Whether it is creating a vertical platform lift for domestic use using a scissor lift system because there is no load bearing walls, or creating a platform that is larger than usual to allow other stuff or non-conventional wheelchairs to be carried your problems get solves by getting bespoke lifts.

Bespoke lifts, like all lifts, have certain safety requirements they need to meet, but the odds are that if you can't find a pre-engineered solution to your lift needs then you will be able to get someone to design and make the right bespoke lifts for you.

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